Power up your creativity – maintain balance

I’ve just received  an email emhasising the important of maintaining balance from US literary agent Rachelle Gardner. Her words have reminded me that it has been ages since I’ve reconnected with my inner self and spent time alone in nature. One of the favourite places I love to go is the country retreat which has been in our family for generations. 5 minutes from one of the longest beaches in NZ, and surrounded by trees, and plants and birds and even horses, it is a place I instantly feel at refreshed.

Here’s what Rachel has to say about the important of reconneecting with your special place

“I’m off to spend a couple of days in the mountains, and my Friday advice for becoming the best writer you can be is to make sure you get away sometimes, too.

Take a walk on the beach or a hike through the woods. Go fishing. Get out your bike and put in a few miles. Get out in nature.

Do these things regularly. When possible, do them without the company of a friend or family member; without your iPod. Do it without your iPhone beckoning.

Do things that make you feel refreshed. Allow your mind to wander. Carry a small notepad if you like, in case any great ideas come to you.

The “unplugged” time can be the most valuable for allowing the creativity of our minds to flourish. It’s time for the mind to relax and be free, and to bring to the surface things the subconscious might be holding on to.

With everyone being so busy all the time, with the kids and the day job and the commute and the need to get dinner on the table, it can be easy to let this go. We can forget to allow our minds to be free once in awhile. And we might be missing some of our most significant insights or our unique story ideas.

So relax. Go fishing. I promise your computer will still be there when you get back.

What are you doing this summer to relax, refresh, and allow your mind to be free?”

Me? Well I’m off to my country retreat. I’m sure I’ll return to the city re-inspired:)

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