How to summon your create muse and whip procrastination into shape

invoking my creative muses courtesy of youtube – so thrilled to have stumbled across this clip re the Secret Life of Mona Lisa

Looking at visual stimuli and listening to inspiration is one of my favourite ways of whipping procrastination into shape

Some of the other ways I’ve found help to summon my create muse and whip procrastination into shape include:

  1. Creating a passion journal with inspirational images, passion triggers and reminders why finishing the project is important
  2. Writing down and affirming goals related to the project try my ‘WINS’ formula. What do you want to achieve? Inspired by…? (ie why); Next steps; Sweets – how can you reward yourself each time you achieve a goal?
  3. Plan each day with a mini-goal achievement – for writing this may be a deadline of time or a word limit or a task such as finishing a scene. Be sure to do it first before life and competing goals gets in the way
  4. Naming, shaming, and overcoming self-defeating behaviours  – What behaviours or attitudes block your ability to succeed. Some of mine include getting distracted, procrastination, negative self talk ie it’s too hard etc. To overcome them I set goals, work on positive self-talk, block out things that distract me (turn off the phone, limit Internet usage, turn off email, sit down and achieve my goals first rather than say I’ll do it later and then get distracted
  5. Aiming toward a definitive goal related deadline – for my current WIP Mona Lisa’s Secret  my goal related deadline is to have the novel completed in time for the Historical Novel Society conference in Florida in June 2013. When I was in the painting zone the deadline involved an exhibition and having a body of work completed
  6. Working on my Achilles heel – rather than turn my back on procrastination, and my love of starting new things rather than finishing (I’m channeling Leonardo da Vinci!), I’m actively working on strategies to be a finisher-completer. A big part of this involves valuing this aspect more than my natural love of “newness”
  7. Reminding of successes – writing and looking at positive feedback and noting down all the things achieved as you work toward your goal
  8. Creating a sacred space within which to write – I have a wonderful writing room looking over the garden. I write on a  wonderful antique writing desk from China, upon which are orchids and a bowl of hand-picked crystals chosen for their special powers to summon creativity, tap into intuition and the sub-conscious psychic realms, and complete projects. I have images on the wall that inspire me and have removed anything not related to my writing goals
  9. Just do it! Still none of the above has anywhere that magic that just knuckling down and writing does. Inspiration has to find us working – don’t over think, over plan, over..over..over – pick up your pen and put words to your pages and let your creativity soar. Make it happen and pursue success

These are just a few ways to summon your create muse and whip procrastination into shape. What strategies do you use?

Here’s the wonderful video I found that has inspired me to write today. Enjoy!

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