Aromatherapy for Creative Inspiration

clary sage

The attitudes and emotions that aromatherapy inspires can positively affect the creative process. Two oils that are especially supportive of creative work are clary sage and bergamot.

Clary sage oil coffles from a robust plant with colorful spires of white, pink and blue flowers. A field of summer blooming clary sage is a striking, bee buzzing, impressionistic tapestry. This visual feast is replicated in the essential oil with its warm-herbaceous, sweet-mown-hay aroma. Clary sage is euphoric, powerful, radiant, warm, lively, comforting and strengthening.

Bergamot oil is expressed from the peel of the bergamot orange which grows throughout the rocky Italian countryside of Calabria. Bergamot’s fruity-citrus, spicy, sweet, floral aroma is refreshing and balancing. The oil is versatile, adaptive and inspiring.

I love having these two sensuous oils diffusing throughout my room when I am writing and creating. A little dab on my brassiere works well too:)

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