Achieve your goals: the simple trick that doubles your odds of success

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”
~ Leonardo da Vinci
Do you have an action, ‘make things happen’ mindset, or do you believe in luck, serendipity, going with the flow, or waiting for opportunities to find you? So many people take a passive route when it comes to achieving their goals. Others wait until all the stars are aligned. Not Leonardo, and hopefully not you!
Despite being criticised for not finishing everything he started, when Leonardo wanted to achieve something, he visualised the end goal, and did what he needed to do to make his vision a reality.
When Leonardo needed a new patron—one with power and deep pockets—he didn’t sit back. Sometimes he faked it until he made it by talking up his successes.
When he ’cold-called’ Ludovico Sforza, the then de facto ruler of Milan, seeking employment he talked-up his achievements. Fully aware that Sforza was looking to employ military engineers, Leonardo drafted an application letter emphasising engineering talents and skills he had yet to fully develop, and assuring the Duke of his ability to achieve impossible feats.
Your Challenge
Do you plan your life by:
• Beginning with the end in mind—planning at least five – ten years ahead and working back from there to ensure that everything you do now moves you ahead?
• Creating outcome-focused goals, or do you get bogged down in rigidly planning every minute step you have to make to achieve the changes, instead of trusting you will figure it, or trusting the Universe or providence to deliver?
It’s a balancing act! Whatever your approach, pledge to make your success a reality. Act as if who and what you desire to be is already a reality.
“Luck is preparation meeting opportunity”
~ Oprah Winfrey, businesswoman
This is an excerpt from he Art of Success: How Extraordinary Artists Can Help You Succeed in Business and Life (Book One: Leonardo da Vinci). Available in Print and ebook from Amazon

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